Are Weight Loss Supplements Worth Considering?

There are many forms of weight loss supplements available in the market today. Natural or herbal supplements for weight loss are the ones which come completely from natural plant sources and therefore claim to aid you to lose weight effectively. At times they are also termed as phytochemicals or cena idealica. A few well known herbal weight loss supplements are listed below:

If you go by the prescription of a doctor, it is quite possible that you will be given a prescription for a strong fat burner or a fat blocker. In order to get a better result, it is highly recommended that you use these supplements as per your doctor’s prescription. As these are not manufactured as over the counter drugs, you might experience some side effects like nausea, dizziness and even heart stroke if taken in high doses. You should also remember that although these herbal weight loss supplements may help you reduce weight initially, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to maintain this weight for the long run.

Ephedra is a well-known weight loss product, which was banned from various countries because of its harmful effects on people. This popular herbal ingredient was manufactured by a pharmaceutical company based in Mexico. It was used for various medical conditions but was later prohibited by the FDA because it was found that some people were suffering from serious conditions like cardiac arrest, cardiac failure and even death. The main ingredient of ephedra was ephedrine. Today, ephedra is still being sold and is available in various forms including liquids, tablets, powders and juices.

Various herbal weight loss supplements are available today that claim to offer similar results to that of prescription drugs. However, there are many debates among people over which of these two is the better option. In spite of this, there are several common ingredients present in both prescription drugs and supplements for losing weight. These natural ingredients are effective in some cases, while not effective in others. It all depends upon your body and your needs. So, is it enough reliable evidence to rate these supplements?

The answer is no. If you want long-term permanent solution to your problem, then it is important that you go for prescription drugs. However, if you are looking for short term solution or if you want to lose weight quickly, then supplements can be considered. However, the key word here is healthy.

One of the popular fat burning pills available in the market is belviq. belviq contains orlistat, an ingredient that is extracted from the orchid plant. The main purpose of orlistat is to regulate the level of glucose in the blood stream. Although it is known to be efficient in reducing calories, it is not very healthy for people who are allergic to it. In addition to orlistat, there are several other ingredients used in the product; however, the active ingredient orlistat is the prime component of the pelvis.

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