Best DoFollow Sites for Building Backlinks in 2014

What is a DoFollow link?

For many businesses, having a strong online presence is a necessity in today’s market. Likewise, if you have anything to market, it is important that you use all the tools available to you to give the website as much exposure as possible.

If you’ve started your own blog or have a presence on social media and you want to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking, you’ve probably done some research on link building and have run into the terms “DoFollow” and “NoFollow”. Both terms refer to a form of backlinks, which are external links from other websites which point back to your website. Backlinks are important as they are one of the factors which Google and inferior search engines use in considering the ranking of your website. That’s right, DoFollow and NoFollow have an affect on your site’s PageRank. The quickest way to determine a site has DoFollow links is to look for the little icons, usually at the top or bottom of a page which you can click on to share the website’s content on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. DoFollow links can come from sources such as websites, social media platforms, blogs and forums. You can recognize DoFollow links in HTML coding which is encrypted in hyperlinks.

To determine if a site’s links are DoFollow or NoFollow, simply right click on the site and view the source code. Check out the HTML and look for the following code after the link’s website reference.

rel="dofollow" or rel+"external

Search engines track DoFollow links and their value (also referred to as juice) also gets transferred to the search engine. Okay, so what does that mean? It means that Google bots will follow the link and enter your site. This will help Google in indexing your page and getting credit for the backlink as opposed to the site using “NoFollow” which means that Google bots would not follow the link to your site. In that case, the link may as well not even exist. Verifying whether a link which appears in the search engine results pages, or SERPs is a DoFollow link can easily be done with a couple of clicks. Simply right click on the link you want to check in Mozilla or Chrome and select the “Inspect element” option from the drop-down menu. A window will open at the bottom of your browser with a highlighted link including the complete html code. We will go over one real-world example together so that you fully understand this concept if you havent mastered it already.

Can You Get a DoFollow From Facebook?

For example, if you wanted to find out if Facebook allows DoFollow links, you would perform the following steps:

1.) Visit Facebook.

2.) Right click on a post with a link in it.

3.) Click on “Inspect Element”.

4.) Look for the HTML code containing either “DoFollow” or “api rank tracker” right next to the URL being shared.

If you performed this little 4-step experiment, depending on what link you checked, you most likely found out that Facebook does NOT allow DoFollow links. This is a terrible waste of potential as Facebook is a PageRank 9 (PR9) site and could give your site a nice boost with that kind of backlink juice. No worries! If you want a backlink from a PR9 such as Facebook then it is my duty to deliver information to you on how you can achieve this. However, now is not the time for this so I will save it for the next article as we have bigger fish to fry first.

I do promise you that it is possible and I am not just making it up!

What are the Advantages of DoFollow Links?

One of the most obvious advantages of DoFollow links is that they give your site backlink juice. Especially if you bait some good ones. Ultimately, you want a nice mix of all types of PR backlinks (PR0-PR9), but that is a discussion for another day.

Backlinks tend to help attract more visitors to your site, increasing the amount of traffic and the overall PageRank (PR) of your site.

DoFollow links also encourage comments from other bloggers and users seeking backlinks and the more people comment on your blog or website, the better it is for your SEO. DoFollow links can have advantages and disadvantages depending on what your goals are and whether you are the webmaster or just a user of a site that honors DoFollow. Enabling Dofollow links on your site or blog can help you as a webmaster due to the fact that you will attract users that will be leaving comments on it. This also increases SEO and the ranking of a blog in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

How Do I Stop Spammers?

The main disadvantage to Dofollow enabled websites is that they are an opportunity for spammers to post irrelevant links on your site which will take time to moderate and delete. It can get annoying quick, but there is good news. WordPress blogs come with the Akismet plugin preinstalled now-a-days. Akismet is a plugin that will stop spammers dead in their tracks. Even though it is pre-installed, you will still have to activate it and provide your API for it to work. Fortunately for you, doing so is no big deal and only takes a few minutes.

What are the Best Sites to Use for Getting DoFollow Backlinks?

Let’s look at a few websites which allow dofollow links ordered in relation to their Google PageRank.

Google Plus

Because the social network is owned by Google, Google Plus is the perfect place to interact by integrating all of the tools available to users including Gmail, Google Drive and Blogger. Users can link to content placed on other websites with each backlink enhancing the SEO ranking. Since Google is the most widely used search engine, it is likely that they will give preference to links on one of their platforms compared to other media. Google Plus allows users to email contacts in their circles, another important feature for content creators and marketers. It also features Hangouts which are a place for people to interact using live video streaming enabled by YouTube.

Although Google Plus may not currently have the large following that other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have, it has shown significant growth since its release and is expected to grow even further. This makes it vital for marketers who want to make the greatest impact and get in early to catch new users.


YouTube was purchased by Google in 2006, which is why it continues to have a high page rank. The video sharing platform has more videos uploaded daily than any one person can watch in their entire lifetime. Backlinking from the website has become increasingly popular due to users’ awareness of the power of the network.

The best way to use YouTube to promote your products, services or brand is to post interesting content and point backlinks to your other websites and social networks. A method of increasing the number of views is by posting the link to your video on related videos. Do not spam people with irrelevant material and ads. These comments will likely end up being deleted. You can also post your video as a video response to someone else’s video in order to increase your chances of exposure.


The image sharing website works like an online pin board on which users can pin images with accompanying details of ideas and things they like and sort them into various folders according to categories. Pinterest draws content from online sources and allows users to also post new content. The site allows backlinks to other websites and social media platforms.

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