Why You Don’t Need a Private Investigator – Reverse Phone Lookup Can Help

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So you think that your spouse is cheating or that your prized employee is calling girls all day from your business line and stealing all the money from your safe. You could hire a private investigator. This will usually run you lots of money. Most private investigators get anywhere form 100-200 dollars an hour. Most of these guys have years of police and investigative training on there side, and chances are they will get the job done in a timely fashion. However there is a much cheaper solution that can answer all your questions in mere seconds of you entering in the person’s cell or home phone number. The reverse phone lookup is a great tool.

What can a reverse phone number lookup do for me?

Well what can’t it do really? First lets start with the really low cost. Most of the time you can use a reverse phone look up for around $15 for one lookup or around $35 for a year. This is a lot cheaper than a PI. What you get for this is the person’s full background information and criminal history. It will also provide you with financial information such as have they been foreclosed on or have they filed for bankruptcy. This is very useful information that can also help you determine whether or not you would like to hire or fire a person. These reverse lookups will also alert you to the person being a sexual predator.

All in all these lookups are cheap and very easy to use. You get your results in seconds and you can make a decision from the information you are given. A private investigator can get this information fast but a reverse phone lookup can do it faster.

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