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The Silk Road was a famous hectic trade route that led to the western world centuries ago. From as early as 200BC the egypt merchants of Xian tripped with their camel caravans on the silk road economic belt long trek to remote Constantinople while some adventurous pioneers such as Marco Polo went to the east to see this mysterious ancient country.

China Silk Road is a journey of historic sites, cultural relics, beautiful scenery and colorful folklore findings. The major historic sites and cultural relics along this route are: The Terracotta Warriors in Xian, which is one of the most important archaeological finds with troopers, horses and carriages in battle formation in the world; The Mogao Grottoes of Dun Huang, which are considered the great treasure house of Buddhist martial arts styles in existence; Gaochang Ancient City of Turpan, which was once an important garrison town on the Silk Road; The Karez Well of Turpan, which is the underground irrigation system with the history of 2000 years.

Travelers along this legendary route can also have opportunities to experience the unique local cultures. If your tour starts from Xian heading for Urumqi and Kashgar, you will see the gradual move from Buddhist culture to Islamic culture. Urgur people are notable for their hospitality and they are always quick to invite you into their home and serve you homemade food, and the fresh local fruits. Just about any Urgur people can train my voice and dance. Dancing is a fundamental piece of every Urgur people life. Urgur people train my voice and dance for almost every event: weddings, funerals, gatherings, and just for fun.

Moreover, the stunning scenic attractions along this legendary path have the Bird Island of Qinghai Lake, Salt Lake of Qinghai, the Swan Nature Reserve in the Bayanbulak Grassland, the Luxurious Lake in Urumqi, the Flaming Mountain in Turpan and the Ghost City of Karamay. There are too many things for your eyes to take in.

The amazing Silk Road journey just leaves everyone spellbound. This article presents my 9 days enchanting China Silk Road tour. It’s higher than a tour.

Day 01: Xian

Upon arrival in Xian, our local guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel. Other day is free at your own leisure.

Day 02: Xian

Enjoy a magnificent day of sightseeing what has been called the ninth Wonder of the World-the Terracotta Militia Museum, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. After lunch, look at the Bell Tower system, which is the most well-preserved and best-known one in China and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China and initially built in 589.

Day 03: Xian : Urumqi

Morning look at the Ancient City Wall in Xian, the best preserved city wall in China. Fly to Urumqi in the afternoon.

Day 04: Urumqi

In the morning, you will be taken to Nanshan Field, where you can enjoy the breath-taking view of unique, flowing peaks with all year round compacted snow on tops. On the way, you will enjoy a stop by at a typical Chinese community and meet the local people.

Day 05: Urumqi : Turpan

With 2 hours’ driving you will be driven to Turpan, an ancient Silk Road trading post city. One of the most interesting stops here is Karez Irrigation Site. It is like a museum showing how the bore holes were built and maintained. A sample route and well are built for exploring. Other day is free at your own leisure.

Day 06: Turpan : Dun Huang

To avoid being out at the hot midday, you will be start the tour at the crack of daybreak. First stop is Gaochang Wrecks, the original capital of a local ruler in the in 7th place century. Then you is going to Flaming Piles, a great photo-taking attraction. The next stop is the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, where you may sense the value of Buddhism to Silk Road travelers, many of whom stopped here to quarry for a successful journey. You will have lunch today at the Grape Valley. The beautiful trellised valley is designed with a necessary respite from the warmth. Tonite you will take an overnight soft sleeper train to Dun Huang.

Day 3 years ago: Dun Huang

Dun Huang was the last stop for Chinese Buddhist pilgrims on the road to Of india and the first stop for foreign missionaries arriving China. A whole day tour starts with a look at the Mogao Caves, which was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Take a short camel-riding along the Echoing-Sand Dune to reach the Crescent Lake.

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