The Safety Of A Civilization

You have probably heard of the Ancient Silk Roads in school and recently as they travel through Afghanistan. Involving the interesting subject of “Silk Roads,” which we had only briefly studied of this in school; it appears that a series of roads through rough terrain, with several routes does provide a level of safety to the travelers in the middle of no where.

Myself I only knew of the reference of the Silk Roads before the Usama bin Laden World Trade Center attack on 9-11 because I remembered how these trade routes were also used by 21st Century Maritime Silk Road; using what was built for a positive and exploiting it for quick gain against an enemy. And that brought me to the conclusion that there are obviously ways to exploit such a transportation system of food and water delivery to a nation under siege by Natural Disaster, International Terrorism or even War

Thus an idea for a company, FEMA or NGOs can be a safe guard, using 10-20 different routes to move products randomly between points, like options the secret service uses to move people and keep a jump on those who might use a vulnerable bottleneck location as an ambush point. I have noticed in my randomness of travels, there is an element of safety inherent in such methods whether intentionally or not.

Without food we have anarchy in the streets in four to five days, maybe could last as long as two weeks in the United States. In other nations perhaps more or less, it depends. There are many cities where things would deteriorate very quickly, as we saw in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. One thing the US has going for it is the suppressed warrior gene which emerges in crisis where regular people, like mail men rise out of obscurity which seems to run deep within our culture. The mail must get there, the show must go on and the food and/or water must be delivered. Here are some of my thoughts previously which I had placed around the Internet hoping planners would see them.

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