Miscellaneous Advice to a Young Hacker – Grow Up!

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Dear Hacker,

I think that how to recover my bitcoin wallet passphrase is a function that is well needed. I also can imagine that not every hacker has the ability to jump on the big and important sites. You need to learn the job and you try a simple site somewhere in the open.

Let me try to figure out who you are. Here are some of your phrases (I have taken the liberty of copying them):
with the intention of increasing the effect when

right place, for it must exist. t led from here

the asaltar region of celand are attributed by the natives to their iants the ons of rost, of the dda. uppose, my dear, said r. lentworth, dryly, that you were to visit it yourself you might, perhaps, give us some new theory of the phenomenon. am sure there is no
You left many more footprints on our site (which I could reveal). If those words are of your own, you have a cultural background. In Holland there is this famous writer I’m very fond of. He – Arnon Grunberg – said: Character is what you do when nobody watches (you). I guess, what you do when nobody watches is of a very poor quality. I do not know much about you. Yet if you would be a professional hacker you would probably earn your money hacking important sites. So you must be young, still learning the job unattended and without friends.

My advice to you is: Grow up.

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