Lego Batman Game Review

Gotham City is in trouble, and Batman is coming to the rescue! Lego (after its success with Star Wars and Indiana Jones) is now taking on the Batman world. The game has all the characteristics that made their other games great (lots of playable characters with special abilities, intricate & colorful worlds, two-player co-op gameplay) and adds something new. In Lego Batman you can be either the hero joker123 the villain! In fact, to complete the game, you must play as both!

All Lego games require the player to go through each level twice, first on Story Mode, then on Free Play Mode. In the first mode, you play through the game’s main story. In the second, you get to play again, this time as any character you’ve unlocked! In most of the levels, there are secrets you can only unlock in Free Play Mode, so you have to play both modes to unlock everything in the game. In Lego Batman, they’ve added another whole set of levels where you then play the villains’ sides of the story!

Fans of Lego games and fans of Batman will love this game! As it’s rated E (10+), it’s a great game for kids, and adults will love it, too!

While the game is challenging and takes some time to fully complete, it’s also not too difficult. It’s tricky but can be played through without too much frustration. That’s the perfect game to me!

Play it all over again with someone else! The first time through, I played alone with a computer player assisting. After I finished, I got my husband to play as the second player in place of the computer player, and I experienced the fun all over again!

Lego has some great games under its belt with Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. While this game doesn’t follow any movie plot like the others, it does offer some new things that are quite enjoyable!

This game is truly fun! It’s challenging but a whole lot of fun to play! Each character has its own special ability and some have some pretty funny additions, too. There are tons of unlockable secrets in the game, so it’s continuously new and fun!

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