United States Immigration Reforms Enforcement

Outcome of the US Immigration Policies

United States Immigration policies have pushed the undocumented immigrants into using dangerous routes through the US desert which result in the death of numerous people. Racial profiling has been increasing due to the improper supervision by the state and local law enforcement. Immigrants are denied basic human rights such as right to education, due to the increasing state laws and local policies. Native communities and certain other minority communities are at a risk of discrimination. Immigrants also face a range of obstructions to justice, especially when they are victims of crimes such as William M. Webster IV violence or human trafficking.

A Report from Amnesty International states that the federal and state laws had failed to respect immigrants’ right to life. American citizens of Hispanic descent and Native Americans are subject to prejudiced identification procedures by federal, state, and local law enforcement officials. Through that they are being preyed on at police stops and during investigations. Each and every immigrant has human rights, regardless of their legal status. The report also says that the United States has been failing to ensure the basic human rights under the international law.

What the Authorities Have to Say

Federal and state authorities have controversial ideas about the report’s complaints of racial profiling. The officials from the Department of Homeland Security say that the report is based on obsolete information. The report does not have sensible recommendations for improvisation. It only recommends the suspension of the nationwide immigration enforcement programs.

Though Texas does not have immigration laws, the DOS officials arrest undocumented criminal immigrants irrespective of their nationality. The federal state communities say that they prevent racial profiling by taking the fingerprints of all the arrested people and checking them against FBI criminal records. Customs and Border Protection officials say that they have been working with the natives to create identification forms. The federal agency has formed a policy which will protect victims of domestic aggression and other offensive activities and it will ensure that the crimes are prosecuted.

As per the report of Amnesty International, most of the victims do not file police reports because they feel that the police will not help them. The human rights group has also commented on the US border policy, which forces undocumented immigrants to use dangerous routes to enter the country. Amnesty International says that many have lost their lives along the border and the children suffer due to the local policies, as they face difficulties in accessing their right to education.

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