How To Find The Best Laptop Deals

Finding a special laptop deal or price is within
every shopper’s reach. It’s mainly knowing where to

Simple as that statement may sound, many people in
the market for a new or used laptop don’t know where
to look for that special laptop or notebook deal. They
simply don’t know how to proceed or what steps they
should take to find the laptop deals that do exist,
sometimes right in they very own neighborhood.

Simple shopping tips or advice that may take 100s off
the price of a new or used laptop. Most of these shopping
tips or guidelines fall within the realm of common sense.
Common procedures that will reduce the price tag on your
next laptop purchase.

Here’s a short run down on some shopping tips you can try:

Use The Internet

Your neighborhood is the whole world. We are no longer
confined to a small shopping location or area. We have
the whole world at our disposal because of the Internet.
Use it!

Use the Internet to find online stores, information,
special deals or offers. Use Froogle! Its a great starting
point. Use online notebook guides to find the top rated
laptops, many of these sites will also have special deals
or links. These sites know their laptops — use their knowledge
and expertise to find the right notebook computer for you.

Comparison Shop

Perhaps, one of the best ways to get a great bargain, is to
Comparison Shop to compare different products and prices.
Again, the Internet is ideally designed to give you mass
amounts of data and information. It makes comparison shopping
a real breeze. Use online sites like,,, and don’t forget Google’s!

These comparison shopping sites will list the best laptop
deals and prices for you. More importantly, they will also
rate the service and support given by each of these online
stores. Very important when you’re buying online. Make sure
you check out the store’s warranties, return policies, service
records and customer ratings.

Refurbished Laptops

The real special deals are reserved for refurbished laptops.
Many times you can get a great laptop at a very reduced
price by purchasing a refurbished laptop. Make sure you
get a warranty or buy extra warranty, even then the price
will still be worth your while. You can buy a refurbished
laptop for a fraction of its original price. Check online
for sites selling refurbished laptops or check your
local dealer.

Make sure the dealer is legitimate, and watch out for stolen
laptops. Be extra careful to get the needed warranties,
bill of sales, etc. when buying a refurbished laptop.

Close-out Sales, Liquidation

Keep your eyes peeled for close-out, fire, and liquidation
sales. Laptop technology is changing at a fast pace, many
lines are discontinued to make room for newer inventory with
the latest technology. Many of these close-out sales will
offer great laptops at reduced prices.

Don’t Forget eBay

The shopping Mecca of the modern era; don’t forget to check
out eBay. You may find some very special deals. Again, make
sure you check out the seller’s past history.


Mail-in rebates, coupons, best laptop for realtors special deals — all these
offer great savings to the observant shopper. Don’t buy a
laptop until your have searched for coupons or discounts,
special deals and the like. Dell is famous for its coupons.
Don’t buy a Dell Laptop without using one of these coupons.
You will save 100s off the price of your laptop.

Other notebook makers such as Toshiba, Apple, Sony… offer
great online deals and discounts… search for these before
you purchase your laptop.

Don’t Forget To Haggle

If you’re buying a laptop from your local dealer, don’t always
take the sticker price as gospel. Ask for a special deal, you
may be pleasantly surprised at the savings. This works best with
independent dealers who can offer you a special deal. If you’re
a regular customer, the better the deal you should demand!

In conclusion, just use some common sense before you buy your
laptop. Use the Internet to check out and comparison shop for
the best laptop deals. Use coupons and mail-in rebates whenever
possible. Watch out for great close-out, or liquidation sales and
don’t forget to check out refurbished laptops. Last, but not
least, if you get the chance, don’t forget to haggle. It’s a
centuries old technique that still works. It may just get you
the best laptop deal.

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