Depersonalization: Stop Fueling the Disorder

Depersonalization is a disorder that is fueled by the way we think. It is not an illness and does not require medication, especially since the majority of individuals who experience depersonalization are reactive to most outside stimuli, medication heading this list.

One, unknowingly, fuels this disorder by falling into the habit of fearful, negative thought. It becomes a strong, perpetual habit which eventually exhausts the mind, resulting in intense feelings of brain fog, detachment and unreality. Frustration follows, if the individual does not know how to interrupt this habit and allow the tired mind to refresh.

There are many triggers that lead to feelings of depersonalization:

– The stressful habit of fearful worry about one’s health, grades, work or situations.

– A prolonged illness, along with confinement.

– A reaction to a medication.

– A reaction to recreational substances (marijuana, LSD, ecstasy).

– A reaction to alcohol.

– A reaction to caffeine, nicotine, sugar or combination.

– A reaction to pre-workout supplements

– A reaction to vaping and e-cigarettes

Understanding is essential, as far as a permanent recovery is concerned. One must understand that this is not life long sentence and this condition is easily overcome when approached correctly.

Treatment requires a simple yet specific process that must be strictly adhered to for permanent recovery to occur. Two Step Process:

1 – Thought Changing: Retrain eliquid Brain – One must learn to think correctly by learning to interrupt the habit of fearful “what if” thinking. This requires practice and will result in a mind that refreshes quite rapidly after a relatively short period of time.

2 – Nutrition Plan: Food Correction – This specific food plan and menu ensures the proper nutrients in the correct combination to create a less reactive mind and body. By doing so, one is able to settle down and focus on retraining an overactive mind, allowing it to refresh and rejuvenate. Eating correctly also leads to the natural boost of Serotonin, the feel good chemical in the brain and help to maintain balanced blood sugar levels, resulting in a true sense of well – being.

Full clarity returns when one learns how to use this process that interrupts the behavior that taxes a sensitized mind.

Other helpful suggestions which allow the mind to refresh are as follows:

– Interests – Losing oneself in interests that fully engage, rather than remaining caught up in self thought and worry.

– Volunteering: Volunteering services to others forces one to engage outside of inward thinking.

– Outdoor Activity – Engaging in outdoor activity on a daily basis, regardless of weather. Moderate outdoor exercise is therapeutic in many ways. It oxygenates the mind and body and allows light (even on cloudy days) to boost Serotonin levels naturally.

– Mindfulness Meditation – This simple form of meditation, even when practiced for a few minutes a day, brings forth astonishing results. It not only relaxes both mind and body, but allows one to acknowledge (to pinpoint) areas of the body holding muscles tense and tight. By doing so, you are able to instantly release this tension and immediately cap the release of stress chemicals in the body.

One has choices concerning this condition. Making the correct choice leads to a natural and permanent return to full clarity. Learning how to stop fueling the disorder is key to full recovery. It is not difficult and simple to follow. It is natural, effective and allows a tired mind to refresh in short order. Clarity returns, peace of mind replaces tension and fear, and a normal sense of well being resumes.

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